Washington National Cathedral replaces traditional stained glass with BLM windows, because of course
ยท Sep 27, 2023 ยท NottheBee.com

The National Cathedral in Washington DC has decided that they too want to join in on the re-writing and recasting of history in response to the 2020 George Floyd Summer of Love.

The stained glass windows in the National Cathedral show different scenes from throughout American history, which I'll admit is bizarre for a "church" but pretty normal for a national monument in DC.

Four of the stained glass windows previously featured depictions of two Southern Civil War generals, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson:

A tribute to the South and a symbol of national healing and forgiveness after the Civil War, the window was donated by the Daughters of the Confederacy in the 1950s.

It has now been replaced with this:

You can agree or disagree with removing the previous windows, that's fine.

But you have to admit, this is the ugliest stained glass you've ever seen in your life.

It takes the corporate woke cartoon style and enshrines it in glass in perpetuity. It's artistically offensive.

The new windows, titled "Now and Forever," are based on a design by artist Kerry James Marshall. Stained glass artisan Andrew Goldkuhle crafted the windows based on that design.

In the new work, African Americans are shown marching โ€” on foot or in a wheelchair โ€” from left to right across the four windows. Some march in profile; some directly face the viewer with signs proclaiming "FAIRNESS" and "NO FOUL PLAY." Light floods in through the sky-bright panes of white and blue above the figures.

Oh, it features black people marching in wheelchairs! This is the most inclusive window I've ever seen!

If they wanted to be historically accurate the signs ought to have read "F*** the police," "ACAB," and other anti-police slogans.

They also would have featured a burning Target store in the background.

"Eyesore" is right.

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