2 former jail guards have been charged with misdemeanors for forcing inmates to listen to "Baby Shark" on repeat
· Apr 8, 2023 · NottheBee.com

You guys, this is some Gitmo-level torture right here:

Dudes made handcuffed inmates stand for hours while blasting "Baby Shark" on repeat in their faces...

I feel these inmates' pain, I really do. "Baby Shark" on repeat is a flippin' nightmare and I wouldn't wish it on anyone; not even my worst enemy.

Four inmates filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in 2021 accusing [Christian] Miles and [Gregory] Butler of using "excessive force" and discipline tactics described as "torture events," according to NBC News.

The lawsuit gave several accounts of inmates "standing in a stressed position" for hours while being handcuffed. Officers followed up by playing "Baby Shark" on repeat so loud "that it was reverberating down the halls," the suit described.

We seriously need to consider bringing the "Baby Shark" method to Gitmo. I think it could work.

However, these officers are being charged with misdemeanor cruelty.

Gregory Cornell Butler Jr. and Christian Charles Miles pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor cruelty charge and were put on probation for two years…

Both Butler, 24, and Miles, 23, were ordered to pay $300 in compensation to the victims and complete 40 hours of community service. On top of $200 fine, the former jail guards were banned from working in law enforcement, the Oklahoman reports.

I don't know, I think I would've given these guys a tougher sentence. Like, this is some pretty serious stuff, this "Baby Shark" on repeat. I mean, I can barely go seven minutes of "Baby Shark" before I unplug Alexa and throw her in the trash, and these guys had to do it for hours?!?

I can't even imagine.

So I ask you, dear reader, was justice actually served in this case?

I'll just go ahead and leave this right here to help you decide:

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