$200,000 of taxpayer money has been spent on public school drag queens shows in New York City
· · Jun 14, 2022 · NottheBee.com

I'm sure this comes as little surprise to those paying attention, but New York City has spent more than $200,000 on, yes, drag queen shows for children.

Now, we're told that this isn't happening, or that it's "family friendly," but we know what's up here. And it's not like we're against drag in itself. If anything, the Right has become more libertarian over the years and we're kinda like, "Bro, do whatever you want just don't bother me with it."

But when it comes to our kids, this whole drag fad is a big no-no.

Don't do it. And especially don't use taxpayer money to bring drag queens to our schools.

But here's New York City:

Last month alone, Drag Story Hour NYC — a nonprofit whose outrageously cross-dressed performers interact with kids as young as 3 — earned $46,000 from city contracts for appearances at public schools, street festivals, and libraries, city records show.

Since January, the group has organized 49 drag programs in 34 public elementary, middle, and high schools, it boasted on its website, with appearances in all five boroughs.

I don't even know how to argue with these people anymore, honestly. They really somehow think this is good for our kids. And I don't think there's any way to change that, especially when the state is funding it. Remember, the state are the good guys, the scientific experts.

Since 2018, the group — previously known as Drag Queen Story Hour NYC, before changing its name early this year — has received a total of $207,000 in taxpayer cash.

The tally includes $50,000 from New York State through its Council on the Arts, along with $157,000 from the city's Departments of Education, Cultural Affairs, Youth and Community Development, and even the Department of Transportation, city data shows.

This is, well, despicable.

I honestly don't know how they do it over at The Babylon Bee anymore.

Like, how do you parody the world we currently live in?

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