A circuit court in Oregon is ordering the state to provide this convicted child-molesting pedo deviant with "gender affirming care"
· Jul 22, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Our world is fallen. Bad people often get away with terrible things. At times it can seem like there's simply no end to the iniquities we witness on a daily basis.

I gotta say, though, this new era of depredations and depravity is something else entirely:

The Oregon Department of Corrections was recently ordered by a Marion County Circuit Court to immediately provide "gender affirming" care to a transgender inmate in their custody. While the single initial report on the case only referred to the inmate by his "chosen" name, Reduxx has learned that Nova June Gaia, 38, was imprisoned for sexually abusing a young girl.

"Nova June Gaia" is, of course, an assumed name. This pervert, Joseph Daniel Neilson, took that name in prison after he was convicted of sexually abusing a young girl under his care.

He subsequently submitted a writ of habeas corpus, claiming he had been denied "gender affirming care," whatever that means to this sicko. In May of this year the Marion court ruled in his favor.

The state must now use taxpayer dollars to provide him with procedures such as "facial feminization surgery, tracheal shaving, breast augmentation, and electrolysis," and he may be transferred to a woman's prison at some point as well.

That's the world we live in now. Those are the incentives and the benefits we offer to some of the worst, most debased and awful criminals among us. And we — you and I — literally pay for it!

And just to make this whole degraded scenario even more obvious, it is abundantly, completely clear that this guy is just a comprehensively sick man who simply enjoys exploiting official processes as a means of control:

Shortly after being remanded to custody following his arrest, Gaia converted to Judaism and began submitting meal requests for pork-free meals. But months later, he advised the institution of his intention to become a Vajrayana Buddhist monk and requested the ability to ordain while incarcerated.

Shame on the court that kowtowed to this perverted criminal!

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