A company is selling a Christian ouija board to “talk directly to Jesus.”
· Nov 10, 2022 · NottheBee.com

A company that goes by the name Holy Spirit Games has released a Christian ouija board so believers can talk to Jesus directly.

According to their website:

With other spirit boards, you have to worry about ghosts and demons haunting you and your family, but with the Holy Spirit Board, you only have a direct line to Jesus Christ himself. It's all the fun of speaking to the dead, with none of the risk! Simply place your hands on the Magic Cross and let J.C. guide your hands to answer all of your prayers!

Let's face it, we all pray to Jesus but sometimes the message he sends us isn't so clear. Now, you have a fool-proof way of understanding the Lord's will right in the palm of your hand. Try it today!

And remember: Anyone who says The Holy Spirit Board doesn't work is both a liar, and a sinner in the eyes of our Lord, Amen!

They have this campy promotional video (language warning):

And there are some testimonial videos too:

I'm about 98% sure the Holy Spirit Board is a gag gift created by an atheist to mock Christians, but there's 1% of me that knows some "Christians" who would totally buy into this as a way to hear God more clearly, and another 1% of me that knows some "Christians" who would totally get one of these as a joke to mess with that first 1%. (You all know who you are).

As for me, if someone comes at me with one of these, I'm pulling out the big stick.

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