A conservative senator from Oklahoma died and the journalists reminded us why they are the worst
· Jul 10, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Isn't it about time for your regular reminder that you don't hate journalists enough?

Yesterday, longtime senator from Oklahoma James Inhofe passed away at the ripe old age of 89. He was the longest serving senator from Oklahoma and a stalwart conservative.

So, naturally, the mainstream media had to take this opportunity to slander the deceased.

Here's how the failing New York Times headlined the senator's obituary.

What a tribute! Calling him an ignorant science denier!

Almost like you can detect a hint of celebration in the headline.

Then there's the fake news headquarters, WaPo:

Even the Wall Street Journal, which is supposed to be comparatively right-wing decided to etch in stone "climate denialism" as Inhofe's primary legacy.

Here is Politico, who make it seem like the senator died in a lifelong battle with "science."

The very neutral AP, who runs news stories to be picked up by thousands of local outlets, set the narrative this way:

These are your "mainstream" talking points: "Hooray! The science denier is dead!"

And, if that isn't ghoulish enough, many have pointed out the ... inconsistencies, shall we say, about how the media treats conservatives vs. others.

Oh yes, who could forget the "Austere religious scholar"? He was portrayed as a hero, primarily, because he was killed by Donald Trump. Orange Man Bad.

This is my favorite, the New York Times has had a history of what you might call bias in their reporting.

There's more.

Inhofe is derided as a science denier for simply pointing out that all of the climate catastrophes predicted by the Left haven't come to pass for the last 50 years.

Sounds to me like he's more of a hero than anything else, and should be remembered for boldly calling out the lies of the Democrats.

I can only hope I live a life worthy to be decried by the New York Times upon my death.

What an honor.

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