A few questions for those questioning the morality of the Martha's Vineyard stunt

Fresh off of publicly lobbying for a constitutional right to kill baby girls that look like this…

…MSNBC host Chris Hayes continued moonlighting as the public conscience of America by condemning plane trips for poor migrants into wealthy liberal communities.

He wasn't done.

For those wondering, Martha's Vineyard in September is just a tad nicer than the middle of the Sonoran desert. But while we're on the topic of unbearable heat, it's interesting to note that this same Chris Hayes never seemed overly concerned when 51 illegal immigrants died in a box truck back in June.

Sweltering to death because the Biden administration has no control over the border situation was apparently sufferable, even if not optimal, for Hayes. But fly those immigrants from an overrun border town with overwhelmed services to one of the wealthiest enclaves in the country, which just so happens to be brimming with affluent white liberals who look a lot like Chris – a region with an overabundance of financial resources – and suddenly he's verklempt. Something isn't quite right with that.

Not that Hayes is alone of course. White liberals have been coming out of the woodwork to express their indignant outrage that a white liberal community has been invaded by Venezuelans who, according to at least one interviewed on MSNBC, are thankful to have been sent to such an elaborately luxurious area.

Painfully progressive New York Magazine columnist Jonathan Chait expressed his anger at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for… proving the kindness and generosity of liberals… or something like that:

Say what you will about the gamesmanship of leading Republican politicians, but this unbecoming remark is grotesquely unfair to the thousands of conservative and religious Americans who have fed, housed, and clothed far more illegal border crossers and asylum seekers over the last several years than just 50.

Moreover, while it is certainly reasonable to suggest the entire stunt is an attention-getting move by Republican lawmakers who harbor national political ambition, it's also sensible to observe that this is an extremely effective effort by Republican administrations to draw attention to what has been an ongoing, inexcusable humanitarian crisis.

The Biden administration has continued to say, as late as last week, that the southern border is secure, even when everyone knows it isn't. But since they are Democrats, mainstream media figures like Hayes and Chait have allowed them to get away with the lie. As sad as it is, history demonstrates that apart from this recent action, men like that wouldn't even be addressing the plight of these migrants:

Do progressives really believe it would have been more moral to leave those 50 migrants in those conditions than send them to Massachusetts? That's impossible to believe. Their concern then isn't with what was happening to the Venezuelans loose on the streets of Martha's Vineyard, it's with what was and is happening to their political tribe.

Besides, while many Vineyard residents and churchgoers did spring into action when the migrants arrived, there's no denying:

  • In the name of getting the migrants to their promised destination, the loving progressive community bused them out of their neighborhood within a day.
  • NBC News published a revealingly racist tweet that equated the migrants to trash being dispersed throughout the neighborhood.

  • Despite being a disproportionately wealthy community, these altruistic progressives created and collected money from a public GoFundMe page to cover their costs.
  • More than a few residents couldn't help but show a "not in my backyard" perspective relative to these unwanted foreign folks:

Needless to say, any complaints that Martha's Vineyard lacks the infrastructure and resources to care for 50 Venezuelan migrants is comical. It's likely that there are currently over 100,000 beds empty each night there at the posh vacation island. What's more, population density there is incredibly sparse, and the per capita disposable income among residents is breathtakingly higher than that of residents in southern border towns.

That is the kind of context that must be kept in perspective when judging the morality of this most recent spectacle put on by Republican Governors DeSantis and Abbott. It's not that I disagree with disgraced former national news anchor Dan Rather when he chastises:

It's that what Rather lays at the feet of two GOP governors can and should be dropped in the lap of a feckless Democrat administration in D.C. that created the inhumane conditions that brought us to this "despicable" moment in time in the first place.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Not the Bee or any of its affiliates.

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