Young Florida Man captures insane video of a tornado forming over his house that looks like a portal from all those alien movies ... so I assume the end is nigh
· Jun 2, 2022 ·

This young man is considerably braver than I am. Or maybe considerably more insane. I guess both?

This bold young fellow—who describes himself as both a "weather nerd" and "high school student" on his Twitter—captured additional incredible imagery of that twister:

A timelapse of the cloud, meanwhile, is even more breathtaking:

The young man's mother, meanwhile, had some words to say:

Nicholas's mother, Ashli Krasznavolgyi, told Storyful that her son has been "obsessed" with tornadoes and meteorology since the age of four.

"It's a view not many have been able to witness and fortunately not only did he, but he was able to capture it to share with others," she said in relation to the video.

Yeah that sounds like mom-speak for "I do so very much wish my son wouldn't run out directly underneath violent weather phenomenon, but I guess I can't do anything about it at this point."

Of course, the young man may have just given us a heads up on a trial run of the pending alien invasion.

After all, that sucker looks a lot like the portal above New York in the first Avengers film.

Or the Covenant in Halo.

Or the Stargate portals.

Or the portal to hell in Doom.

This young Florida Man might have just saved us all!

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