Grown humans were seen crying at the reopening of Disneyland and people had thoughts

May 3rd

I get it. If you've been living in your basement for a year and waiting for Emperor Gavin Newsom to let you out of your house, it would be overwhelming to experience sunshine, fresh air, and a theme park at the same time:




With that being said, the internet had some thoughts on the crying seen at Disneyland's reopening:

I can't prove exactly what this guy was crying about as he and his companion filmed themselves (!!!) crying in the Mouse House. I don't know his specific life story. I also can't fault him for being a Star Wars fan.

I do know, however, that enough people were weeping at the reopening to warrant a TMZ article. A crowd of crying adults at a theme park says something about the health of society.

What a time to be alive!


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