A man tried abducting an 8-year-old MI girl from her yard, but her brother blasted the bad guy with his slingshot and saved her!
· May 14, 2023 · NottheBee.com

An 8-year-old girl was playing in her yard in Northern Michigan when a 17-year-old creeper grabbed her up, covered her mouth, and tried to drag her into the woods.

The girl's toxically masculine 13-year-old brother saw what was happening from his bedroom window ... and cut loose with his slingshot! The kid is apparently a great shot because he smoked the bad guy in the head and chest before the creeper gave up on his abduction attempt and ran away.

The suspect was hit in the head and chest with slingshot projectiles and "that caused him to let go," Lieutenant John Grimshaw, commander of the local post of the Michigan State Troopers, told 9 and 10 News. "The girl was able to struggle and get away and he shot another one that hit the suspect in the chest and he then fled the scene."

The suspect was found at a nearby gas station and was easily identifiable from the wounds on his head. 😂

The suspect was arraigned Thursday on one count of attempted kidnapping/child enticement, one count of attempted assault to do great bodily harm less than murder, and one count of assault and battery.

Can you imagine how proud you'd be if you were this 13-year-old sniper's parents? Job SERIOUSLY well done, young man.

Next up: Get this boy a BB gun!

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