A MOOSE fell through a window into someone's basement and wildlife officers had to tranq it and cut its antlers off to get it out 😳
· Jan 16, 2022 · NottheBee.com

We've all had those harrowing moments where a bat or a bird gets into the house and can't seem to get out. Well, imagine taking that terrifying experience and multiplying it by about seven feet and 1,500 pounds of muscle and rage:

A moose that was grazing near a house in Breckenridge, Colorado, fell down a six- to seven-foot window well into a homeowner's basement, becoming trapped.

According to officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, responding wildlife officers opened doors to create exits for the moose. However, they could not get the moose to leave because it required going up a staircase to reach the exits...

Wildlife officers tranquilized the moose and cut off its antlers. This allowed the moose to fit up the staircase as officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Breckenridge Police Department, Blue River Police Department and the Red, White & Blue Fire and EMS carried it up and out of the house.

That's right: This moose is so boss that it requires four different public departments to get it out of the house.

The moose was a big boy; it's no surprise its antlers had to come off:

Don't worry, though, the moose is no worse for the wear. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife:

Moose antlers typically fall off this time of year and the moose will grow new antlers this spring.

That's not a bad price to pay for a story you can tell your moose buddies at the moose bar for the rest of your life!

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