A New Hampshire school board will allow male students to use urinals again after banning them as part of a new transgender policy
· Feb 17, 2023 · NottheBee.com

A few days ago, a brave group of students in New Hampshire staged a walkout in order to protest the school district's new policy that banned the use of urinals as a sop to gender ideologues:

Well, guess what: It worked! Male students are once again permitted to use their own bathroom facilities as they like:

The school board for the Milford School District has voted to put urinals back into use at the high school.

The unanimous vote changed a policy put in place last week limiting the number of students in bathrooms to the number of private stalls in each restroom. Limits on bathroom use are still in place, but they are now higher because the urinals are now in use.

This was obviously the right call for a whole host of reasons, but let me just be blunt in stating one of them: Peeing standing up is one of the great benefits of being male. It was a cruel and ridiculous idea to outlaw the one thing that makes that possible.

And to their credit, the great citizens of the Milford School District let their school board know it:

"The board has listened to folks," said Christi Michaud, superintendent of Milford School District. "Lots and lots of emails, lots of phone calls that we've received."

Men of Milford: You won this round. Take a bow. (Not while you're using the urinal, though.)

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