A predator hunter confronted a trans person who reportedly expressed intent to molest 3 kids, but police let the suspect go and chastised the concerned citizen for "misgendering"
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This is an absolutely wild sting operation by Alex Rosen, a self-described "predator poacher" who creates these "To Catch a Predator" style sting operations in order to gather evidence and track down individuals who are sexually attracted to children.

[Warning: The following story is extremely disturbing]

This video shows a sting operation by Rosen in Berkeley where he confronts a transgender "woman," a biological male, who he sent texts to as a 9-year-old girl with 2 sisters who are 6 and 1.

The messages showed that the perp was planning to sexually assault all 3 children, including the baby.

Here's video from Rosen's encounter:

Libs of TikTok has tweeted some screenshots from the messages. They are beyond disturbing.

The messages that Rosen collected in the operation are insanely disturbing. And the child pornography sent is not even detailed here.

Yeah, I have a really hard time not having this be my first reaction:

These messages are more than enough to send anyone away for a long time. Hard truth: This is the type of stuff people would hang for in a healthy society.

However, it is not clear if the Berkeley police are even pursuing the matter any further. ๐Ÿ˜‘

This FreedomToons video was freaking prophetic:

Here's more to the story from Reduxx magazine:

Speaking to Reduxx, predator hunter Alex Rosen says Westfall first contacted the decoy's Instagram account in April, and soon after began initiating sexual conversations with the child.

Rosen is a full-time anti-pedophile vigilante, and he and his small team have traveled across the United States conducting stings on predators since 2019. Ample evidence is gathered prior to a confrontation, and police are then called.

Rosen confronts the perps and calls the police once he knows that he has the right person.

He's not carrying out violent vigilante justice outside the law.

He's a concerned citizen.

Rosen told Reduxx that the sting uploaded on the 20th had actually been conducted on June 7 when he and his team were in California.

"Sophia was one of the reasons we were in California but we actually had multiple suspects in the state," he explained, noting that Sophia had been picked up by two different decoys on two different platforms โ€” Instagram and Telegram. Rosen says both decoy accounts had been populated using altered and AI-generated photos.

Rosen provided Reduxx a number of screenshots belonging to conversations Westfall had with the decoy. Westfall tells the girl that he masturbates to thoughts about her, and suggests a number of ways he wants to molest her.

While Westfall would ultimately establish a meet up with the decoy purporting to be 9-years-old, he also communicated with a separate one of Rosen's decoys on encrypted chat service Telegram. That decoy was also intended to be a 9-year-old girl.

This man who thinks she's a woman actively planned to meet a 9-year-old girl to sexually assault her and sent disturbing sexual messages to her about molesting her sisters who are 6 and 1.

An infant.

The filmed confrontation took place at Strawberry Creek Park in Berkeley, where Westfall thought he would be meeting with the 9-year-old he had been interacting with on Instagram. Instead, Rosen and his team showed up with a bundle of evidence they had printed off.

In the dramatic video Rosen uploaded to YouTube on the 20th, Westfall is seen wearing knee-high-boots, a skirt, a pink top and a hat littered with trans pride flag buttons. He immediately attempts to walk away from Rosen when he is confronted, and is even defended by unknowing locals in the park who believe he is in need of assistance.

Westfall continuously says "leave me alone," and "I don't want to talk to you," while hiding his face behind a medical mask. He refuses to answer any of Rosen's questions, and simply paces across the park repeatedly.

This is the stuff of nightmares. A transgender person talking to little girls about sex and trying to meet them in order to molest them.

What an absolute sicko.

And the police let this person go. And chastised Rosen for misgendering.

At one point, the police show up โ€” apparently called by bystanders who believed Rosen was harassing an innocent individual.

Rosen is seen trying to show police his bundle of evidence, and explains to multiple officers what his investigation had uncovered. But, disturbingly, police do not detain Westfall, and allow him to leave the park โ€” which is full of children โ€” without resistance.

Rosen tells Reduxx he was shocked by that decision.

"Based on what we showed them โ€ฆ It should have been an instant arrest. Especially with the lewd [images] he had sent. I have never had a predator who was trying to molest a 1-year-old, and unfortunately there have been a few, that was not arrested on the spot." Rosen says, "[Police] said they needed to gather more evidence and check with the District Attorney. But a place like Berkeley, like New York City, they are known for not locking up criminals."

Let's really pray Rosen is wrong and that the Berkeley police are on the case, because we are headed to the darkest place imaginable if not.

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