A QUARTER of all Americans say it's time for the U.S. to split into different nations
· · Jan 13, 2021 · NottheBee.com

According to a new poll, 25% of Americans say the country needs to be split into two separate nations.

This is insane.

It's also not surprising.

Here was the question that the poll (from Just The News and Scott Rasmussen) posed:

"Some have suggested that the Red and Blue States (Republican-leaning states and Democratic-leaning states) should split into separate countries," said the poll. "Would you favor or oppose splitting the Red and Blue States into separate countries?"

Of those who supported this national divorce, 11% were strongly in favor. While 52% were strongly opposed (with another 10% slightly opposed), having 1-in-10 people thinking the Union isn't worth saving is a big deal.

Here's some other interesting demographic data:

  • Men were more likely to support separation (16%) compared to women (7%).
  • Given the media's narrative on MAGA boomers and their whiteness, you'd expect that older white guys would be the first in line for this civil divide. The reverse is actually true. Those over 55 were less likely to support national separation compared to younger whippersnappers.
  • White individuals were less likely to support separation (23%) compared to blacks (28%), Hispanics (34%), and other ethnic minorities (27%)
  • Interestingly enough, there wasn't an insane difference between registered Republicans and Democrats – 32% to 22% respectively.

Where it got interesting was in the area of ideology and faith. People who were either "very conservative" or "very liberal" were WAY more likely to favor a split, at 43% and 33% respectively. Only 3% of those who consider themselves to be "somewhat liberal" supported the idea.

When it came to religion, those who regularly attend religious services and say their faith has a large impact on their daily life were more likely to agree with the idea of separate countries. 40% of those who attend one or more services a week were in favor, but a whopping 27% of those who attend multiple services/events a week said their were strongly in favor, compared to only 11% of the weekly crowd and 10% of the occasional attenders. Only 7% of those who never attend were strongly in favor.

As for denomination data, 43% of Evangelicals, 26% of "Bible-believing" individuals, 25% of Mainline Protestants, 23% of Catholics, and 20% listed "Other" agreed with a separation.

Of course, those who believe President Trump won the 2020 election overwhelmingly supported such a measure (41%) over those who believe Biden won the election (18%).

So what does this mean?

Your guess is as good as mine. I've never seen such a divided America. We certainly aren't united by faith, let alone our fundamental interpretation of reality itself. We can't even agree whether or not the country and its founding documents are good or bad. We have this piece of paper called the "Constitution," but we bitterly disagree over what it means and how it should guide us.

Sure, we still believe that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are inherent rights, but we can't agree on whether those rights come from God or, you know, the thing.

This last year has taken our disassociation to the next level by barring us from face-to-face contact with people outside our immediate social groups, further splintering us into tribal islands. The places where we would once congregate to share ideas are either closed (churches, restaurants, bowling alleys, stadiums, etc.) or have banned viewpoints that are critical of the ruling ideology (universities, the Media, social platforms, and Hollywood).

What would this American Divorce practically look like? Without going into too much doom and gloom, here's a few maps with ideas (because maps are always fun!).

First, here's a general Red vs. Blue States map of the United States:

Next, we can look at how counties voted in the 2016 election:

Here's one imagined by Business Insider:

And another one showing how everyone voted in the 2016 election, this one with one dot per vote:

Then there's this totally accurate one I made:


And finally, one depicting what will probably/actually happen should the Union fracture into a thousand pieces:

May Emperor Xi live forever!


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