A recent study has determined that a majority of college undergrads are complete morons.
· Oct 27, 2020 · NottheBee.com

I'm going with the science here.

Not only do majorities of undergrads believe America is racist, that rioting and looting is justified, and that people who never owned slaves need to give money to people who never were slaves because of slavery, they also think we should defund the police.

Because of course we should.

Embracing the view that America is racist, 51% of undergraduates 24 years old or younger said that the nation is "inextricably linked to white supremacy" and that most minorities are "excluded from the American promise of equality."

Even more, 64% said that whites who do not speak out against racism are "perpetuating the injustices" minorities face. That was a common theme promoted by white protesters at the recent protests.

And in a blow to those positions, the students, 52% to 31%, believe that taxpayers should pay reparations to the descendants, a bill that could reach $6.2 quadrillion, or $151 million per descendant, according to one study.

Keep in mind that we are living in an era of not only historical prosperity, but historical levels of prosperity and opportunity for non-white, non-cis, well, everyone. Those of us who are older than 20 know this. Those of us who have read books that were not written by avowed Marxists know this. Those of us with a working set of frontal lobes know this.

The most privileged generation in the history of humankind receiving a world-class education that attracts students from around the globe? They don't know this.

Maybe they skipped class that day.

Looking for good news? Get used to disappointment.

Private schools offer scant protection from the indoctrination, assuming you could even afford it. In fact, more private school undergrads believe in reparations than do those attending state schools. (Perhaps they assume mommy and daddy will pay for the reparations like they paid for their... everything.)

Believe the STEM majors provide a safe harbor from the collectivist groupthink? It would be a comforting thought, but no. A majority of mathematics and engineering majors believe rioting and looting is justified due to the targeting of blacks by police despite there being direct and enduring evidence to the contrary.

Now you know why they believe 2+2=5.

There is one bit of good news, an area of common ground that perhaps provides an opportunity for us all to move forward together:

59% of college undergrads don't trust the media.

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