A red wave turned into a purple puddle, thanks to an orange man
· Nov 9, 2022 · NottheBee.com

I hate to be the one to break this news to you, but as far as elections go, the Trump movement is over.

No one in a swing state who had Trump support, as of writing this, has won in the Senate or for governor.

Trump is toxic.

Here's the 2020 electoral map where Trump lost to Joe Biden:

And here's a recent map showing the Senate race last night:

These look so eerily similar.

Last night's elections were a repeat of the 2020 elections. Trump was on the ballot again and, in purple states, he lost. Again.

I love Donald Trump. I supported Donald Trump. I supported ALL of Trump's MAGA candidates for Senate and gubernatorial races.

We wrote glowing stories about Kari Lake, who I think is very impressive and could still win governor in Arizona. We talked about Tudor Dixon, who looked like she would show real fight in Michigan. We thought Blake Masters was a good person to run in Arizona and that Lee Zeldin could win New York.

We pumped up Herschel Walker and slammed his "pro-choice pastor" opponent, Warnock, who does nothing to stop Joe Biden's agenda.

It didn't happen for these MAGA candidates, and it wasn't because Republicans and conservatives wouldn't get behind them.

Donald Trump was a kingmaker in the primary. But in the general election, he was the kiss of death.

Trump-supported candidates won in red states. JD Vance had a good showing and will be a great senator.

And proven commodity Republicans, incumbents, won because people in their states oppose the Democrat agenda.

However, in purple states, the independent voters (unlike Elon Musk) largely just voted AGAINST whoever The Donald supported.

Listen to this from Marc Thiessen and show me the lie:

Here's some hard truth from one of Trump's BIGGEST supporters, Mike Cernovich:


It wasn't ALL bad news last night.

Hope springs eternal in Florida.

While the rest of the country looked just like 2020 and independent voters clearly rejected all things MAGA and Trump, Ron DeSantis has turned Florida from a purple state to a DEEP red stronghold.

In 2018, as a MAGA candidate, Ron DeSantis won Florida by 30,000 votes against the DISASTROUS Andrew Gillum.

Last night, Ron DeSantis turned an extremely narrow win 4 years ago into a massive landslide, winning the state by nearly 1.5 million votes.

Ron DeSantis has become his own man, governed better than anyone else, campaigned better than anyone else, and shown that he's the leader that Republicans HAVE to get behind if they want to win in 2024.

Until last night, it looked like 2024 would be a cakewalk. Republicans would easily handle Biden or whoever the Democrats put up.

Reality has set in. Donald Trump cannot win.

I wish he could. But he can't.

2020 proved it and last night certified it.

But there is a man who can:

DeSantis 2024.

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