A Seattle man was hospitalized after confusing NOS octane booster for the energy drink
· May 28, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Well, this is scary.

A man in Seattle was hospitalized after drinking an entire bottle of NOS Octane Booster Racing Formula, confusing it for the NOS energy drink.

Octane booster is basically high-octane gas.

But there's also a NOS energy drink, with very similar packaging, that's meant to give people a caffeine boost.

But how bad do energy drinks have to taste for you to drink an entire bottle of octane booster and not realize it?

This took place back in 2020 but was recently published in the American Medical Journal.

The man went to the hospital after suffering a seizure and then stayed in the hospital with seizures 4 more days.

"Manganese can cause irreversible Parkinsonian symptoms due to oxidative damage in the mitochondria of the basal ganglia. Significantly less is known about acute manganese toxicity, but no seizures or neurotoxicity were associated with either of the two reported cases of acute manganese poisoning in humans," the team explained. "MMT itself or its metabolites have been postulated as the cause of neurotoxicity in animal studies."

Far from giving him the extra horsepower promised by the packaging, the man continued to have seizures and was sedated and intubated. After four days, and a few more seizures, he was extubated once more.

This is the first man the medical community knows of who has made this mistake and ingested methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT).

He's fortunate that he was able to walk out of the hospital just a few days later.

He hasn't suffered any long-term consequences since the event either, according to the journal.

I assume he probably suffers from permanent paranoia and double-checks ANYTHING he puts in his body now.


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