Nearly HALF of people counted as COVID hospitalizations in New York were admitted for reasons that had nothing to do with COVID
· Jan 10, 2022 ·

One of the primary justifications for ongoing COVID-19 restrictions has been the claim that, in the absence of such measures, hospitals would be overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients. Many people have pointed to current high rates of COVID-19 hospitalizations as ongoing evidence of that.

Well, the New York governor's office dropped some absolutely jaw-dropping data this week to that effect:

New statistics show that more than 40 percent of the state's hospitalized coronavirus-infected patients were admitted for "non-COVID reasons" — with the ratio in New York City "about 50-50," Gov. Kathy Hochul said Friday.

Wednesday's statewide 42 percent figure was up from 39 percent Tuesday, Hochul said during a news conference in Manhattan...

Hochul released the numbers after announcing Monday that she was ordering hospitals — which make daily COVID hospitalization reports through the state's online Health Emergency Response Data System — to start differentiating why their patients with COVID-19 were initially admitted.

By Friday, the 42% figure had been adjusted to 43%, and in New York City, the number was a whopping 51%!

Wow, so an elected official is finally requiring health authorities to differentiate between people who are actually sick from COVID and those who merely tested positive on a hypersensitive test? And it only took until the third year of the pandemic to get here?

Seriously: It's nice to see this happening more and more (Fauci himself acknowledged this major data flaw last month), but it's perfectly fair to ask why it's only happening just now. The problems with hospitalization data have been readily apparent for nearly two years at this point.

Could it be because the guy in the White House had one of the worst first years as president in living memory, and his Democratic buddies are desperately hoping to give him some sort of leg up to arrest his downward slide and that of the entire party in the November midterms?

Whatever the self-serving, transparently political reason, it's nice to finally see this critical data get the attention it deserves!

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