A Texas father stripped down to his underwear at a school board meeting to prove some sort of point about face masks

Aug 26th

School board meetings have become flashpoints in the COVID-19 debate, with parents regularly showing up to give vociferous support for or against the use of face masks in the struggle against COVID-19.

One father recently took it a step further, showing up to a Dripping Springs, Texas, school board meeting and demonstrating his support for masking up by...stripping down:

Akers then began removing articles of clothing as he outlined all the different laws and social expectations in place — stopping at red lights, wearing professional attire at work and not parking in handicapped parking spots — people are expected to follow. Masks, he said, are one of those things people should abide by in the effort of doing the right thing for the safety of others...

"It's simple protocol, people," he said. "We follow certain rules. We follow certain rules for a very good reason."

Well, I don't know if this is a relevant point, but: red lights, handicapped parking spaces, wearing clothes out in public—these things all have decades or even centuries of demonstrated value, whether it be from safety or mere practicality. We know, for instance, that putting on clothes actually helps to cover up one's naked body; we also know that running red lights tends to result in deadly car accidents.

The science behind masking is much newer, much more disputed, and much less certain: Emerging data, for instance, indicate that the much-hailed cloth and surgical masks may not be very effective at all at filtering COVID-19 particles, with top scientists including presidential advisers warning that cloth masks "are not very effective in reducing any of the virus movement in or out."

Maybe homeboy just wanted an excuse to take his shirt off in front of all the moms.

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