Rant: This ABE LINCOLN statue outside SF City Hall was vandalized with blood red paint. Why? Because the modern left won't be satisfied until America's foundations are destroyed completely.
· Dec 30, 2020 · NottheBee.com

Yes that's a statue of Abraham Lincoln AKA "The Great Emancipator" AKA "The Liberator."

Twitter / @realchrisjbeale

Yes the red paint is supposed to conjure imagery of blood and violence and oppression and shame.


Why would a lefty prance onto the property of the San Francisco City Hall to desecrate a statue of the president who freed the slaves and got murdered for it?

Because of "role in the genocide of Native American peoples," according to the pixieboy who took the pictures above pics. And in case you click on the link in the previous sentence, please do know that the piece is terribly misguided, and, if you know anything about the time period involved, actually illustrates why Lincoln should be accepted by the modern left. And why he was hated by so many in his time.

Listen. If there is any early American president the left should be able to celebrate, or at least accept, or at very least not attack, it's Lincoln. The reasons are myriad and obvious.

But they can't accept anything about early America. Because they hate America.

To view Lincoln through the lens of our contemporary Sisyphean postmodern woke clown-show is absurd beyond comprehension.

He should be the last early president targeted by the left. And I think that's the point. That's why they target him.

If you're thinking, "Hey didn't this happen a couple weeks ago?" that's because yes, it did. Abraham Lincoln is in the process of being canceled.


Lefties are targeting Lincoln because he should be acceptable to them.

Because nothing about early America is acceptable to them.

Because nothing about America is acceptable to them.

This is called showing your hand. And it should make one plain truth obvious to anyone with eyeballs:

The modern left won't be satisfied until America's foundations are destroyed completely and the country is remade in their woke, perverted, atheistic, Marxist image.

And that way, my friend, lies chaos and suffering and destruction for America ... and possibly the world.

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