Absolute Madness! These Street Interviews on Child Gender Transitions Will Make You Weep For The Future
ยท Aug 27, 2021 ยท NottheBee.com

Street reporter Ami Horowitz does a great job communicating with leftists and getting them to open up and give their true feelings on political and cultural issues of the day.

Normally, these videos expose simple ignorance in young people. They don't know the pledge, they can't name the Vice President, they can't find the US on a map. But this video will make you absolutely sorrowful for the future the next generation is stepping into.

This is absolutely terrifying. According to the opinion of young people on the left, it is, apparently, totally fine for children as young as SIX-YEARS-OLD to choose their gender and start "transitioning."


The more reasonable crazies at least conceded that maybe kids should wait till they're 14 or so before making a decision to totally transform their bodies and deny their biological identity.

This video is beyond sad.

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