Activist Olympian Gwen Berry deletes old website after people noticed it still had a picture of her with Old Glory
· Jul 1, 2021 ·

Olympian Gwen Berry is representing America at the 2021 Games in Japan, except that she hates our national anthem and views a country that would send a black hammer thrower to the Olympics as horrifically racist and evil beyond belief.

The salty athlete/activist threw a temper tantrum last weekend when the U.S. national anthem played at a pre-scheduled time while she was on the podium at the Olympic trials in Oregon. Berry went on to spout off conspiracy theories that playing the "Star-Spangled Banner" was a "setup" meant to get under her skin:

In the wake of her absurdity, people noticed that Berry still had a personal website active that showed her hefting an American flag proudly over her shoulders:

Here's a screenshot of the picture on the site, which talked about Berry attending the 2016 Olympics:

In normal land, being proud to represent your nation – especially the most free and prosperous country that has ever existed in this crazy world – is just a regular, run-of-the-mill thing.

In woke town, however, such a thing is now IRREDEEMABLY RACIST AND BIGOTED.

Like clockwork, Berry deleted the entire site.

Here's what now greets you at the landing page:

Yep, like a good little woke acolyte, Berry has erased every record, repainted every picture, and altered anything that might remind people that she used to kinda like her country or fellow countrymen.

As Orwell might say, "Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Woke are always right."


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