Apparently adopting black children is now an act of white supremacy
· Sep 27, 2020 ·

In the world of Wokeism, everything is racist, and nothing is sacred. Not personal property, not the Constitution, not love and respect for others, not truth, not life, not innocence, not religion. NOTHING is sacred. Then if you take that baseline Wokeism and weaponize it against Trump's Supreme Court nominee, the results are purely asinine. Exhibit #1:

This is a REAL tweet from a REAL person. And not just a real person, a "highly respected" NYT best-selling author and a voice for the left's "anti-racist" movement in our country.

Read that tweet again and then join me back here for a little discussion. That tweet is ... unbelievable.

In the name of finding some plausible means for tearing down this wonderful woman, the left has stretched to accusing her adoption of black children as an act of white supremacy. She is "colonizing" them, making them new in her image, reshaping them to fit her awful, filthy, white-centric world. This is now what it means to adopt black children if you happen to be white.

The author of this tweet, Ibram Kendi, is a well-respected author, teacher and speaker within the Wokesphere. He has since clarified that the tweet may or may not be about Trump's Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, but it's pretty obvious that it's targeted at her given the timing of the tweet and the subsequent comments he's made on Twitter.

Let me just say that I know many families that have adopted children, some black, some white, some hispanic, some asian. The love and sacrifice made by these people has left me in awe. The process of adoption is one of the most pure, most good, most decent of human acts. It shows that somebody else's life means more to you than your own, and that you are willing to do anything and everything to give them the same opportunities that you had.

But that last sentence means that you're a racist, because it assumes that your opportunities here in the United States are somehow superior to an orphaned child's opportunities in their homeland of Haiti, or Venezuela, or China.

Shame on you, white American, for spreading your hate-filled bigotry to the rest of the world!

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