After years of fact-checkers claiming the contrary, Planned Parenthood finally admits its founder was a racist

Apr 20th

I'm shocked – shocked, I say!

Here's an excerpt from the article in the New York Times:

"Sanger spoke to the women's auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan at a rally in New Jersey to generate support for birth control. And even though she eventually distanced herself from the eugenics movement because of its hard turn to explicit racism, she endorsed the Supreme Court's 1927 decision in Buck v. Bell, which allowed states to sterilize people deemed "unfit" without their consent and sometimes without their knowledge — a ruling that led to the sterilization of tens of thousands of people in the 20th century.

The first human trials of the birth control pill — a project that was Sanger's passion later in her life — were conducted with her backing in Puerto Rico, where as many as 1,500 women were not told that the drug was experimental or that they might experience dangerous side effects."

Yes, Planned Parenthood finally admitted that Margaret Sanger was a racist eugenicist who wanted to breed out undesirable traits (like dark skin) in the human race.

Of course, unlike all the evil oppressors like Jefferson and Columbus who are having their names scrubbed from society, PP says we need to be nuanced in our understanding of their founder:

"We don't know what was in Sanger's heart, and we don't need to in order to condemn her harmful choices. What we have is a history of focusing on white womanhood relentlessly. Whether our founder was a racist is not a simple yes or no question. Our reckoning is understanding her full legacy, and its impact. Our reckoning is the work that comes next."

Ironically, Planned Parenthood refuses to admit that killing millions of black babies at a rate much higher than any other demographic is continuing to make their racist founder proud.

But this isn't the real story. If you have an ounce of understanding or common sense, you already knew the truth of this admission.

No, the real story is how the media and the fAct-cHeCkeRs ran cover for PP for years, slamming anyone who disliked said abortion outfit and dared to call Sanger a racist. Here are just a few examples:

Over and over again, these entities laundered the truth, running interference for their political allies.

It's just one of a thousand examples of how the Left uses "fact-checks" to control their lower-case version of "the truth."

Bear that in mind next time Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg slap a warning on a post you read.


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