Airbnb just banned Lauren Southern's parents because they're related to the conservative commentator
· Feb 8, 2023 ·

Welcome to the world of woke capitalism and social credit systems where businesses discriminate against you and your family for having the wrong opinion.

It's been here for a while, but Airbnb, the travel app, has just entered into a new level of wokeness.

Yes, the parents of a conservative political commentator and documentarian have been banned from the Airbnb app because their daughter holds to non-regime approved opinions.

Airbnb crossed a major line when they initially banned Southern for her wrongthink.

But now they've just crossed another MAJOR line by going after her family.

That's why they are doing it. Sure, it's just Airbnb right now, but credit card companies have hinted at similar actions.

Imagine your bank closing your account because they don't like your politics. It's happened before.

Airbnb has been losing its luster and they've just alienated another large swath of people who will no longer use Airbnb.

You know what they say, Airbnb: Go woke, go...

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