Airplanes might soon be rolling out "double decker airplane seating" and let me tell you people are not excited about it
· · Jun 17, 2022 ·

If you thought air travel couldn't get any more irritatingly unpleasant than it already is, you thought wrong, because soon flying on an airplane may feel like you're literally getting buried alive:

Flying economy for any extended period of time is an experience usually endured rather than enjoyed, but one airplane seat designer reckons his design could revolutionize budget travel.

Alejandro Núñez Vicente's Chaise Longue Airplane Seat concept started small scale last year, as a college project for the then 21-year-old. A nomination in the 2021 Crystal Cabin Awards -- a top prize in the aviation industry -- swiftly followed, and the design became the focus of a flurry of online attention following a CNN Travel article.

Since then, Núñez Vicente's been making waves in the world of aviation. He's paused his master's degree to pursue the project full time. He's in talks with big-name airlines and seat manufacturing companies. He's been granted some hefty investment that's allowed the project to develop.

Yeah that's not surprising. Airlines hear about a way to pack people on their flights at twice the density, never mind the fact that it will make flying an absolutely miserable experience for a full 50% of the passengers. Of course they're going to go for it—they're gonna be packing them on like sardines!

You know who's not all about it, though? Literally everyone else.

Yes, it's true, most of the objections are butt- or flatulence-related. We've gone from a fear of flying to fear of farting. It's understandable.

Okay you guys might not be looking forward to it but I, for one, would love to bunk down into one of those things and pretend like I'm an Apollo astronaut in cabin of a Saturn V launch vehicle:

Okay that might get old pretty quickly. Then the farting would begin. So maybe not.

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