Hero cop rescues child who took his toy car out for a joyride on a busy Alabama highway
· Feb 12, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Gadsden Police Lieutenant Josh Russell was driving south on Rainbow Drive around 1 pm on February 3 when he saw a toddler driving a toy car in the opposite direction in heavy traffic.

The officer quickly stopped his car and ran to the toddler's rescue.

Conner Paulson witnessed the scene and snapped a picture of the officer and the child which he posted to Facebook.

Anybody know this Gadsden cop? I would like to buy him lunch one day, he definitely needs to be rewarded for what he did today.

Long story short, I was driving down Rainbow Drive (a little after lunch) behind this cop heading towards RBC when all of a sudden he slams on the brakes, cuts his lights on, gets out & runs across oncoming traffic & I look over & there's a kid (2 or 3 years old) riding a toy car in the right lane on Rainbow Drive. The cop dodges cars & snatches this kid & his toy car up before this kid got hit. Definitely the craziest thing I've ever seen. This cop risked his own life to save a kids life today. Thank you sir!

Russel credited Gadsden citizen, Jeff Martin with helping to prevent tragedy. Martin had just turned onto the road when he also saw the toddler. Since he hadn't had time yet to get his truck up to speed, he was able to quickly stop, positioning his F-150 to block oncoming traffic from hitting the small child.

Russel said cars were continuing to go around them, but Martin's truck helped to protect the child until he was able to run out and carry him to safety.

Gadsden Mayor Craig Ford told the Gadsden Times:

A precious life was saved today thanks to Lt. Russell. We commend him for his swift action, and thank all Gadsden police officers for their heroic actions every day.

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