All-girls Catholic college to start admitting ... well, you know the rest
· Nov 28, 2023 ·

This is getting so common that every time I see a story like this I have to ask, "Haven't we covered this?"

Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana, has decided that they are going to allow men who identify as women to attend their all-female college, because of course.

College President Katie Conboy told the faculty in an email last Tuesday that the institution will consider trans-identifying applicants. However, the school is still considering how to put the policy change into practice ...

"We are by no means the first Catholic women's college to adopt a policy with this scope," Conboy wrote. "In drafting the language for this update, I have relied on the guidance of the Executive Team and others to ensure that our message is not only in line with best practices for today's college students, but that it also encompasses our commitment to operate as a Catholic women's college."

In other words, they're scared of being sued if they don't follow the current zeitgeist and pretend men can turn into women.

Or, they've just completely caved to ideological wokeness.

One thing's for sure, there's nothing Catholic about the decision.

In the email sent to faculty members, Conboy cited Pope Francis' quote about loving people for who they are and how that love "'moves us to seek the best for their lives,'" The Daily Signal reported.

"The revised non-discrimination clause seeks to advance just this kind of community, where we honor the dignity of all persons who work at the college and we follow an inclusive admission process that retains our identity as a Catholic women's college," Conboy wrote.

Just mark St. Mary's as another institution captured by the Left.

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