"Am I gay?" and similar Google searches have soared over the past 20 years. I wonder why that is.
· May 25, 2023 · NottheBee.com

You guys, I'm having a tough time figuring out why these types of searches are on the rise lately. Can you help me out?

Hmmmmm, by these numbers you'd almost think there was some sort of ideological cult running rampant within our culture pushing sexual deviance on our youth.

Oh wait a minute, we do have one of those. Totally slipped my mind.

I'll let Cultural Currents give you a little briefing on this phenomenon:

Google Trends data from 2004 to 2023 presents a unique opportunity to explore this evolution [of social attitudes around sexual orientation and gender identity] from a novel angle, revealing a staggering 1300% increase in specific searches that may indicate that a user is questioning their sexual identity.

Among the five search terms considered — 'am I gay', 'am I lesbian', 'am I trans', 'how to come out', and 'nonbinary' — a significant upward trend is observed across the U.S., with some states more pronounced than others. It's important to note that this data is relative, representing each term's share of all Google searches for the region or time period being examined. Specifically, this means that the data does not simply reflect the reality that more people are using Google today than in 2004.

Interesting, right?


Look at that!

What's even more interesting about this is the states where these searches are highest.

The analysis suggested that states that lean more conservative are the "most closeted," with Utah leading the country in searches for "am I gay," "am I lesbian" and "am I trans." Iowa, Indiana, West Virginia and New Hampshire followed Utah in searches for "am I gay," while Connecticut, Kentucky, Washington and Colorado followed it for searches for "am I lesbian"...

States that followed Utah for searches in "am I trans" included Kentucky, Colorado, Michigan and Washington. Oklahoma led the nation with the query "how to come out," and was followed by West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Kentucky. Vermont led the country in searching for the term "nonbinary."

Okay, newsflash, people: They do have Disney+, Public Schools, Pride festivals, Target, and Bud Light in all of these states, so it shouldn't be all that surprising that the conservative states seem to be the most "closeted." Those are the states where the Alphabet cult needs to work hardest.

In California you don't need to ask Google if you're gay, you can just look at Google Maps, see that you're in California, and realize that yes, you must be gay, because you're in California!

I love how The Hill covers this story, so I gotta show you this last part:

This analysis comes as many conservative-led states are pursuing legislation targeting member LGBTQ members, especially the youth trans community. A record of 490 bills targeting LGBTQ rights have been introduced just this year in at least 45 states, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. Fifty-seven of them have already become law.

Yeah, lemme give you some real talk quick: It's not the everyday American (aka the extremist) who is coming after the gays; it's the gays who have come after our kids. Very simple. Now we're just fighting back against it, and I really don't know how it took us so long.

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