Amazon and FedEx are laying off massive numbers of employees before the busiest shopping season of the year. What do you think that means?
· · Nov 15, 2022 ·

Remember: The people in charge changed the definition of "recession" in July so we wouldn't talk about this:

Good thing our leaders passed the Build Back Better and Inflation Reduction Acts!


Do you recall when the politicians were patting themselves on the back for printing a bunch of money for their pals, and they gave you a consolation prize of a few thousand dollars?

The average family is now spending $7,000 more a year in inflation and interest because of them.

Oh, and for funsies: One of the biggest crypto companies just tanked and revealed that it was laundering funds given to Ukraine to support the Democratic Party.

Oh, and the current president got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating his son for illegal dealings that have since been blown open by said son's filthy laptop.

Oh, and we just voted to let all the people involved in all this stay in power for another two years.

Anyway, enjoying standing in the food bank line!


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