Americans seem to be the most united around the belief that civil war is coming πŸ‘€

Feb 9th

I don't think this is the era of uNiTy that the powers at be had in mind.

Or perhaps it is. It's hard to tell these days.

Regardless, a sobering new poll from Zogby showed that 46% of Americans believe another civil war is inevitable.


Of all those polled, 16% were very confident that open hostility is imminent.

That's roughly 1 in 6 people who don't believe dialogue or democratic process is still possible.

What's most interesting is that Zogby said a similar amount of people from both political parties believe open hostility is imminent:

"For once, political parties - Republicans (49% likely and 40% unlikely), Democrats (45% likely and 44% unlikely), and independents (42% likely and 44% unlikely) – were somewhat in agreement, but the fact all political stripes think a civil war is inevitable is not the bipartisanship we were hoping for."

Where you live seemed to be a more important metric:

"People in large cities (55% likely and 38% unlikely) were much more likely to think the country will have another civil war than respondents living in the suburbs (36% likely and 48% unlikely)."

People living along the East Coast were also far less likely to believe all-out war is coming (39%) compared to those in the Midwest/Central (48%) and South (49%).

Young peeps were more likely to believe the end is nigh compared to older individuals, and among racial groups, whites were less likely than black or Hispanics to believe civil war is looming.

"When it came to race, whites (43% likely and 44% unlikely) were not as convinced that there will be another civil war, while Hispanics (53% likely and 43% unlikely) and African Americans (49% likely and 39% unlikely) thought another civil war could happen."

After the election, my trust in polls is approximately 0.5%, but this is not a good thing. It might help if a certain political party stopped actively trying to crucify the candidate half the nation voted for, but what do I know?

Pray for 'Murica.


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