An appeal to a generation in crisis
· · Jan 3, 2022 ·

Call this a new year's appeal to a generation that is searching like never before.

As 2022 dawns, the spirit of the age is as pervasive and persuasive as ever, enticing young people conditioned to conform and intimidating those who dare speak out against it. Yet there's a truth about this manmade religion that you aren't being told: you can never live up to its expectations, track its ever-changing tenets, or obey its evolving commands. You will eventually succumb to the weight of its overwhelming burden and be trampled under its unforgiving feet.

Ask J.K. Rowling – the TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) who is now a pariah in a cultural kingdom over which she reigned as queen not so long ago. An HBO special celebrating the 20th anniversary of her work now bars her from participation, a nonsensical "Major League Quidditch" organization that exists only because of her made-up game is changing its name in order to distance itself from her. Why? Because she believes a gender binary exists. The spirit of the age forbids such an allegiance to science, biology, and reality.

Or ask the cast, crew, and creators of Disney's new movie Encanto. Good luck ever being as culturally sensitive as Disney – a company that has turned over its boardroom to every progressive, gay, woke lobby imaginable. The entire point of Encanto is to draw fawning attention to an extraordinary Latin American family, and is the work of progressive, racial savant Lin-Manuel Miranda. Yet it still doesn't meet the expectations of this unforgiving religion, expressed here in the pages of the Washington Post:

Miranda also no longer gets points for his pop-culture smash hit musical "Hamilton." In fact, the spirit of the age has turned vociferously against it, as evidenced by this recent Vox dismantling:

Hamilton, according to current conventional cool-person wisdom, glorifies the slave-owning and genocidal Founding Fathers while erasing the lives and legacies of the people of color who were actually alive in the Revolutionary era. It is no longer considered to be self-evidently virtuous or self-evidently great.

That same piece goes on to label Hamilton, the former progressive favorite Parks and Recreation, and a host of other "Obama-era pop culture" favorites, "so so so cringe."

This is the reality of what is coming for you, should you bow the knee to this false religion. If J.K. Rowling and Lin-Manuel Miranda, with all their wealth and privilege, can't escape it, you won't either. And don't assume your relative anonymity protects you.

Even something as culturally-approved as calling out a conservative on Twitter for misspelling words can turn the mob on you. Behold:

You are obviously free to choose this path, and many of you will. But I do want to at least offer you the possibility of a better way.

  • A faith that doesn't abandon you with the fickleness of the ever-changing in-crowd.
  • A faith that won't preach one thing today and another tomorrow.
  • A faith with a far easier yoke and lighter burden.
  • A faith that doesn't ask you to reach up to impossible standards of perfection, but one that sees Perfection reach down to you through a seemingly impossible grace.

This could be a year of new beginnings – one that exchanges the daily trepidations and fears of being canceled by the unforgiving god of culture for the new mercies, fresh every morning, that flow from the hand of a loving, long-suffering Father.

Other than your insecurities and anxieties, precisely what do you have to lose?


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