This escaped cow-bison hybrid is becoming a local legend in Connecticut, eluding authorities for months.

Feb 5th

Buddy the Beefalo escaped from a slaughterhouse in Connecticut six months ago.

The cow-bison hybrid got out of his trailer in the town of Plymouth on August 3rd, tragically preventing us from turning him in to delicious, mouth-watering steaks.

The local police department almost nabbed him in the fall with a trap, but Buddy managed to evade them and has only been seen in brief encounters since.

On Thursday, the Plymouth Police Department posted a new photo showing him in good heath, he's but still evading them in the famous wilds of Connecticut.

Unfortunately, locals have grown to love Buddy so much that they've raised money to keep him from ever being turned into steaks.

If authorities ever do manage to capture him, he'll be allowed to live out the remainder of his days at the Critter Farm Sanctuary in Florida.


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