Aaand now we've got 13-year-olds getting duct-taped to their airplane seats
ยท Aug 11, 2021 ยท

This is literally the third time an airline passenger has been duct-taped in the past month.

First we had a lady who tried to open a door mid-flight, then we had a handsy drunk guy, and now we have a 13-year-old who threw a temper tantrum.

The flight was headed from Maui to Los Angeles when the teen started throwing a fit and fighting with his mom. His brother also apparently punched a window, but calmed down enough so that he didn't need to be taped to his chair.

You've got to wonder why people are snapping on planes recently.

  • Is it just that they're being forced to spend long hours in a metal tube that's hurtling through the atmosphere at ungodly speeds?
  • Is it the regular patrols of mask Nazis walking up and down the aisle with duct-tape?
  • Is it just that people have gone a little crazy from having their bureaucrats and media try to scare them every day for over 18 months?

I don't know, but it seems like there's a bright future ahead for the duct-tape industry! Canadian comedian Steve Smith would be proud.


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