Anti-capitalist "pay what you can" coffee shop in Toronto goes out of business after just 1 year
· May 15, 2023 ·

Who could have seen this coming?

A coffee shop in Toronto called "The Anarchist" that describes itself as "an anti-capitalist cafe, shop and radical community space on stolen land" is closing its doors after just one year in business. You just hate to see it.

Those hashtags lol

In the commie cafe's full announcement on their website, in which they boast of not serving police officers or members of the military, the owner blames "the lack of generational wealth/seed capital from ethically bankrupt sources" for the shop going belly-up. LOL.

The Anarchist used a "pay what you can" pricing strategy for coffee, because communism or something, and I guess it didn't work out too well.

The full statement from the owner is truly something to behold. I will bless you with it below, edited for language:

It's been an amazing experience, connecting with so many great community members, sparking desperately needed debate, raising the blood pressure of Conservatives (that includes you, "anarcho-capitalists" and "Libertarians"), fulfilling the dream of most service workers by not having to tolerate the presence of professional class-traitors (pigs and military), and experimenting with living and working in ways that don't enthusiastically embrace the pure misanthropy of Capitalism. Unfortunately, the lack of generational wealth/seed capital from ethically bankrupt sources left me unable to weather the quiet winter season, or to grow in the ways needed to be sustainable longer-term.


The Anarchist has been a huge success in every way I hoped, and has given me so much inspiration and education that I plan to put to use in future projects. Keep an eye on the instagram page to see what I end up doing next!

F--- the rich. F--- the police. F--- the state. F--- the colonial death camp we call "Canada".


Gabriel a.k.a The Anarchist

Emphasis theirs.

I swear the left is becoming a parody of itself...

There's a lovely video of the place too (language warning):

Just amazing stuff. I had to share this inspirational story with you.

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