Are you ready for the EVEN MORE INCLUSIVE Pride flag???
· Jul 29, 2021 ·

Because Wokeism is divisive by nature, it has to separate out its oppressed groups into an infinite number of subgroups.

When the LGBT movement first began arguing for a world of tolerance-or-else, the flag was a simply adoption of your run-of-the-mill rainbow:

A few decades later, Woke acolytes felt this was not enough. Because the banner now represented the Marxist worldview of oppressed vs. oppressor, it needed to include black and brown stripes for people with more melanin in their skin:

This new design created MORE problems though. What about people who identified as one of the three billion and five genders in the universe?

What about people whose various identities shift on an hourly basis??

For that, the transgender flag was incorporated, leading to the design your woke neighbor is probably flying right now:

Well, get ready to tell your neighbor that they're flying an intolerant and outdated symbol and to get to the nearest commie store to spend some of their hard-earned capital on the NEW design!

* * *

The article and new design actually date back to March 2020 where they were featured on The Gay UK, a website I would link to except for the fact that I'd be exposing you all to some pretty gross advertising.

Here's an explanation of the red umbrella, per Libs of Tik Tok:

Since I assume we're going with this insanity, someone better inform the White House!

Oh, and if anyone is looking to get ahead of the Inclusivity Curve™, I have a flag design that should cover all the added intersectional groups (at least through 2027):

It's perfect!

* * *

P.S. Check out our latest video, "How to speak Bidenese":

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