Entire Arkansas family traumatized after neighbor's pit bulls reportedly savaged their cows, drowned one in pond
· Apr 13, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Warning, this is disturbing stuff:

We are devastated. It's been over 48 hours. We are still living in this nightmare with no relief as of the time I'm posting this. We are in still in threat/fear of imminent danger to our personal safety, & our animals. The Fort Smith prosecuting attorney Rita Watkins wouldn't issue the warrant the police wanted so we can rest from the trauma & try to pick up the pieces. Both the owners were arrested, and charged with obstruction of Justice. Due to the limits of words/pics on IG - I'm breaking up all of this into pieces:

On Monday, April 10th at around 11:20am, Mia rushed from the back of the house into the library where Abigail and I were sitting and said "it sounds like Maple is right outside the house" I jumped up, opened the front door & immediately recognized the very loud, abnormal cries of Oats. We all 3 ran through the house to the back & out to the edge of our pool over looking the lower valley.

Mia screamed "there's dogs" and took off running, Abigail bolting behind her. I started after the girls screaming when I saw the 2 dogs, mauling and drowning a cow on the far side of the bank. by the time I got through the gate & halfway down the hill, Mia was already rounding the pond. That's when I saw Maple. Lifeless. Floating in the middle. Mia ran down the bank screaming, violently waving and when she was within 15 feet, the Pit Bull let go and took off running, followed by the second dog.

I continued screaming for help as loud constantly for anyone who could hear me to come help us. Called 911. Kept running. screaming and chasing the route all the way until we reached the road & I collapsed in front of the owners house & peed my pants. The woman had already pulled the dogs in & locked doors. Starting the next 3 hours of this nightmare for my family. I'll post again, there's so much. The dogs are still there PLEASE SHARE and help us get Justice.

You think that a dog that can and readily does savage a 1,000-pound cow...

...is safe to have around your toddler?

It got its name because it was bred to kill bulls in a pit.

Let me throw some stats at you:

I pray this family gets justice.

And in case there is any doubt on what that means, see Exodus 21.


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