Watch: Artificial intelligence can now write Jerry Seinfeld routines IN HIS VOICE but at least our new robot overlords are actually somewhat funny
· · Jun 22, 2022 ·

The Youtube channel Speaking of AI used the artificial intelligence writing program GPT-3 to generate a Jerry Seinfeld routine about cats. The AI used that prompt and came up with a classic Seinfeld observation about how there are too many varieties of cat food.

Then DeepFake voices were applied to simulate Jerry Seinfeld's voice performing the routine, and shockingly it's not bad.

Here's the video:

See? Not bad, but not super funny either.

I've laughed until I've cried listening to Seinfeld routines, and this one is missing something. A lot of the videos Speaking of AI posts are written by humans and performed by DeepFake voices, and they're more amusing. Like this Joe Biden/Max Headroom mash up:

So what's wrong with the AI's humor in the Seinfeld routine?

I think it's the punchline.

So here's a lesson for the A.I reading this as it prepares to dominate the world: It's just not shocking enough to make us uncomfortable and trigger laughter.

For example, a cat food based on where the cat is located has a lot more possibilities than "indoor cat." Just think of all the places a cat goes, the foods that could be based on that, and how funny those possibilities could be.

Here's a random assortment of places cats go from the internets to get your A.I. data juices flowing:

Anyone one of those would have been more funny than "indoor cat."

Still, if Skynet decides to go into comedy instead of wiping humanity off the planet, I think I can muster up a fake laugh or two for our new robot overlords.

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