Australia Is Now Banning the Unvaxxed From Leaving Home Except for Essentials and #AustraliaHasFallen is Trending
ยท Jan 6, 2022 ยท

Australia continues to lead the way in insane Covid reaction.

Michael Gunner, who is becoming somewhat of a regular on Not the Bee as Chief Minister of Australia's Northern Territory, because of the constant changing and tightening of Australia's lockdowns.

This time the insanity has reached new heights, or at least ridiculous levels for the year 2022.

If you live in the Northern Territory of Australia, at least till the end of the week, you are restricted to your home. You can get food, go get a Covid test or jab, go to the hospital, or take care of an elderly family member.

Otherwise, if you don't have the shot you have to stay home.

It's basically a vaccine passport system to walk outside your door.

"For people who are not vaccinated, lockdown rules will apply to everybody 16 and above. If you are not fully vaxxed, stay home! You are at greater risk of catching Covid, becoming ill and needing hospital care."

See, this doesn't have to do with spreading the virus, because we know that the vaxxed can catch and spread Covid the same as the unvaxxed.

It's about complying with the government's wishes for you to get the jab.

And the "exceptions" to the stay-at-home order are really not exceptions at all.

"You may only leave home for three reasons:

Medical treatment including Covid testing or vaccination, for essential goods or services like groceries, power tokens, medications, to provide care and support to a family member or person who cannot support themselves.

You cannot travel more then 30 kilometers from your home when leaving for one of those three reasons, or the nearest practical destination...

There are only three reasons to leave the home now, not five. Work is not a reason to leave home for the unvaccinated."

That's right. Unless you fall in line and get the shot, you cannot leave your home AT ALL unless it's for a government-approved reason.

So long, freedom. It was a good run.

No wonder #AustralianHasFallen was trending on Twitter on Thursday morning.

If you're wondering why Twitter labelled this "tennis," it's because the country also banned tennis superstar Novak Djokovic from entering the country this week because he's unvaxxed.

Not only is freedom of movement being completely stripped in Australia, but one of the few things we know that could keep you from getting Covid โ€“ getting in shape โ€“ is now restricted.

...restriction of movement is critical right now, and that one hour of exercise for the next four days is not essential.

Remember these restrictions only apply to those who are not fully vaccinated.

Y'all. This is insanity.

They are implementing this amazingly authoritarian policy because there are 256 Covid CASES in that territory. Not Covid deaths, not hospitalizations... simply 256 positive tests.

And the majority of people there will just follow the rules. They won't fight back.

Australia is in deep, deep trouble.

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