Australian government threatens Elon Musk with $475,000-a-day fine if he doesn't stop people's feelings from being hurt on Twitter
· Jun 23, 2023 ·

Oh no, Elon! You better watch out!

The whole nation of Australia is REALLY mad at you because now Twitter has free speech!

Whatever is Elon going to do now that the government of Australia is mad at him and their feelings are hurt because people say mean things online?

The threat from Australia does have some teeth, at least in the mind of the Australians:

Twitter could be fined as much as $475,000 a day if it doesn't comply, under an online safety law that Australia touted as world-first when it was introduced in 2021.

Oh, man! Australia is going to fine Twitter! And then what?

Here's a hint for Elon: DON'T PAY THE FINES!

What's Australia gonna do, send an international police team to America to hunt you down and throw you in an Australian prison?

The person behind this fine is a lady who used to work at Twitter who is obviously upset that all of her previous work of censoring the wrong opinions has been undone.

Julie Inman Grant, Australia's eSafety commissioner and a former Twitter executive, said Thursday that she issued the notice after a "worrying surge of hate online" and specifically a sharp increase in reports of serious online abuse since Musk bought the company in October.

"Twitter appears to have dropped the ball on tackling hate," Inman Grant said in a statement on Thursday. She worked at Twitter as director for public policy in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia between 2014 and 2016.

I, for one, am shocked that a lady who is in charge of Australia's Ministry of Truth would be so focused on trying to take down Elon Musk and the company she used to work for in a clearly politically motivated manner.

Of course, when WaPo reached out to Twitter for an answer they received the poop emoji in reply, as is standard operating procedure for Twitter under Elon's leadership.

She singled out as particularly problematic Musk's decision in November to reinstate tens of thousands of accounts that had been banned or suspended under previous leadership as a potential factor in increased hate speech.

The commission received reports that the reinstatement "emboldened extreme polarizers, peddlers of outrage and hate, including neo-Nazis both in Australia and overseas," she said.

"Received reports" is code for lefties complaining because the people they don't like are allowed to speak again.

That's what the issue is.

If Australia wants to enforce anti-free speech codes on Twitter, let them enforce it themselves.

And, after all, Elon isn't just standing around doing nothing about hate. If Australia or WaPo want an example of Elon fighting against hate speech, just show them this:

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