Babylon Bee Forum Top Headlines Of The Week
· Feb 19, 2024 ·

It's been a fun week in Babylon, and the Bee Forum has been rife with headlines reflecting on memories of the Super Bowl, celebrating the joys of Valentine's Day, and highlighting our dear leader's youth, vigor and remarkable memory. But of course, there were many more events of equal weight happening this past week. The headlines in the Bee Forum tell a story that must be told! The following are some of the best headlines from the Babylon Bee Forum last week that were not Published or Featured.

Top Headlines of the Week - headlines with the most upvotes by forum members:

  • Super Bowl Delayed As 72,000 Fans Wait In Line To Sing Own Personal National Anthems @showquest
  • Helpful Dad Gives Son Valentine's Day Advice: For Five Dollars You Either Buy Your Girlfriend Two Flowers From A Florist Or You Can Buy Her An Entire Costco Rotisserie Chicken @drconservativeprof
  • Adam Arrives Late, Suspicious Eve Checks For Second Missing Rib @hailgeezer
  • Man Accidentally Proposes To Girlfriend With Candy Hearts @kirgol
  • Local Dad Announces New "He Spanks Us" Campaign @gfanson
  • Biden Announces Lucky 1,000,000th Person Crossing Southern Border In 2024 Will Win Cabinet Appointment @anythingelse
  • FBI Urges Anyone With Information On Trans Shooter To Turn Themselves In For Hate Crimes @disidente_redactico
  • Dr. Jill Demands Kamala Stop Sending Joe Articles About 'Death With Dignity' @neohillbilly
  • Migrants Housed At Public Schools Uncomfortable With All The Gay Stuff @dontslowtheearth
  • IRS Introduces New Fun Size Refunds @buzzybuy

But Wait, There's More! - a few of my favorites that didn't make it to the top:

  • Roman Gods Take Cupid's Bow And Arrows Away After He Bags 12 Point Buck @davel
  • In Strange Irony, SF 49ers Finish NFL Season As Number 2 @hailgeezer
  • Local Husband Forgets Valentine's Day, Gives Up Sex For Lent @smhinohio
  • Seminary Issues Wearable 'Pastor Potbellies' For Too Skinny Graduates @unclecrumpty
  • White House Announces Biden's Physical To Consist Of Taking His Pulse @priehle
  • Man Worried He Might Be A Fed @jswag
  • White House Reports Biden Solved Cold Fusion And Killed Three Russian Alligators With Bare Hands Right After Reporters Left Yesterday @stankystankowicz

With 500+ headlines posted daily, this only scratches the surface of what happens each week on the headline forum. So … if you want to get to know some kinda funny people and try your hand at posting headlines, please join us! Click the link HERE to learn more. We have points, inside jokes and all manner of good clean fun. And if you have a favorite headline from the ones above, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Article image created by subscriber @Disidente_Redactico.

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