Balloonhead Stephen Colbert Compares Trump Supporters To Taliban: "Why Should Our Soldiers Be Fighting Radicals... In Afghanistan? We've Got Our Own."
· Aug 17, 2021 ·

Late night "comedian" and Democrat sycophant Stephen Colbert went on his comedy television show to defend Joe Biden's disastrous response to the crisis in Afghanistan by comparing Trump supporters to the Taliban.

The unfunny balloonhead supported a pro-Biden position, saying the withdraw is being executed as well as could be expected. Then he turned his sights to his favorite target: American conservatives.

Ahh yes! What comedy. So many laughs.

According to Colbert, who sounds like he's reading a propaganda piece from the DNC, we've wasted 20 years in a civil war in Afghanistan when we should have been creating a civil war here in the United States instead.

Right, so you know what's equal to or worse than a murderous terrorist regime? Trump voters! Or doofuses dressed in MAGA gear wandering around the Capitol. Obviously, there's no difference between the two things.

Longtime balloonhead Michael Moore shared a similarly idiotic take on the situation.

Glenn Greenwald, a former leftist himself, clearly exposed the real sentiment behind these sorts of comments from Colbert or Michael Moore and other leftists.

Those on the left can't just disagree with you. They see those on the right as such a threat that they deserve to be treated like terrorists. In their mind, that's exactly what you are.

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