Baltimore student misses 140 days of school, still marked present, somehow passes classes (including Physics)!
· May 6, 2022 ·

Take a deep dive in a real-life comedy of errors.

Qwantay Spearman missed the first 140 days of 11th grade, but was still marked present and is still passing most of his classes at ConneXions of Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPSS).

Spearman has physical disabilities and could not attend school "because Baltimore City Schools could not provide him with a nurse, which is required under his federally mandated IEP or Individualized Education Program," reports local station FOX45 News.

By the time Spearman was informed he would not be able to attend in person, the registration deadline for virtual learning already passed.

"Qwantay has been unable to attend school in-person this school year due to BCPSS's lack of nurses." Spearman IEP reads from January, "ConneXions is currently not able to provide a complete virtual learning program."

BCPSS offered Spearman a "special learning option," but his family said "it was just Google Classroom assignments with no instruction from a teacher," FOX45 reports, hence the IEP admitting the school could not provide a "complete virtual learning program."

Here were his grades after one semester of doing literally nothing:

  • Math: D | Teacher said Spearman is a "pleasure to teach" and "quality of work improving"
  • English: D
  • Comp. Science: F
  • History: B+
  • Band: F | Spearman
  • Physics: B- | Spearman said he didn't remember taking Physics.
  • Spanish I: D

These teachers are scammers!

Spearman passed five of his seven classes in the first semester without doing anything (not even showing up to class)!

"I wasn't even expecting to get a report card. There's nothing to put on one," Spearman's mom, Latasha Phillips, said. "He shouldn't have any grades on there, because he has not been to school."

Shoutout to the Band and Computer Science teachers for being the only ones with enough self-respect to put (what seems to be) the lowest possible grade (50), which is a whole other discussion about public school grading that we won't get into here...

The public educators are the ones who failed Spearman, not the other way around.

ConneXions charter school (emphasis on "Con") and Baltimore City Public Schools deserve the failing grades.

When asked by journalists about this situation, the public education elites in Baltimore retreated to their ivory towers and hid behind their official statements.

"This is harassment," said BCPSS board member Michelle Bondima when Project Baltimore journalist Chris Papst attempted to ask questions about Spearman's case.

"I said you are harassing me," she said after Papst followed up with questions about Spearman.

Papst spoke with BCPSS board member Shantell L. Roberts, (or, at least, he tried to talk with her).

PAPST: "There is a young man, Qwantay Spearman, who has been greatly impacted by what happened at his school."

ROBERTS: "I'm sorry, you're being disruptive to this event." -- (the event already concluded)

PAPST: "As a school board member why won't you speak with the media? Why won't you grant interviews, isn't that part of your job?"

ROBERTS: "Mr. Papst, we have issued a statement around both of the matters you've asked me about this morning. And I would respectfully ask that you refer back to the statements that we've already issued. Thank you."

The official statement from BCPSS reads (in part):

"Unfortunately, ConneXions violated City Schools' policies on attendance and grading for this student during the first semester. The charter school operator will correct any attendance and grades for this student entered in violation of Board policies and regulations."


"The Board of School Commissioners is aware of the situation and is disappointed."

The full statement does not "explain how this happened and how many students are affected" by this incompetence, FOX45 reports.

Adding to the evident sliminess of these public education weenies... literally ONE DAY after Project Baltimore spoke with Spearman and his mom, a nurse was magically now available and the school notified Spearman that he could return to school.

What a coincidence!

After that clown show, Spearman finally attended his first day of junior year (i.e., the 141st day of the school year)!

"I'm excited for him," Phillipis said. "I'm just glad he's not sitting here all day, not being productive."

It's better late than never, I guess.

(PS: Project Baltimore is doing the Lord's work over there. #ActualJournalism)

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