Bee Forum News: What Is Happening???
· Jun 24, 2024 ·

Not much, really. Haha...just kidding! This week, all kinds of wild stuff happened, as usual. But mostly we are waiting. Pretty much the only thing Americans and people around the world are thinking about is the upcoming presidential debate and wondering who will crash and burn, and also, if there is a tie, will it be settled with a dance off? Will Trump bring his best covfefe? Will Biden try to exert some trunderdashdubbadapressure? We will know soon enough! So, to fill the time between now and Thursday, we will entertain you with stunning and brave reports of some really crazy stuff that happened last week that most people don't know about. Yet.

Read on for exclusive headlines that you will only see here on the Bee Forum News, because Bee subscribers see things no one else sees and say things no one else is brave enough to say, for some reason.

Top Headlines of the Week - headlines with the most upvotes by forum members:

  • 4-Year-Old Reveals Her Secret Ingredient For Mud Pies Is Love @kirgol

  • White Liberals Wish Each Other A Happy Juneteenth @dontslowtheearth

  • Biden To Wear Clown Shoes For Extra Stability During Debate @stankystankowicz

  • ACLU Requires Students To Erect Golden Calves In Louisiana Public School Classrooms @realmccoy

  • McDonald's Admits Their Ice Cream Machines Were Deep Fakes This Whole Time @drconservativeprof

  • Real President Helps Figurehead President Off Stage @thebigfreeze

  • Liberal Women Suddenly Able To Define A Woman When Daughters Forced To Register For Draft @priehle

  • Birds Tired Of Those Creepy People With Binoculars Staring At Them @reckless4life

  • Holy Spirit Chuckles When He Hears Cori Bush Take Credit For Healing @ruthiej714

  • Boeing Wants You To Know That In The Unlikely Event Of A Whistleblower, Your Seat Cushion Can Be Used As A Suffocation Device @gfanson

  • Redneck Figures It's Halfway To Christmas So No Point Taking Lights Down Now @genxambassador

  • Overheard In A Bar: So, How Long Have You Been A Woman? @babylonandonanon

  • Deliverance Minister Casts Demons Back Into Person After Card Declined @twoplus2ischicken

  • California's Reparation Plan Includes Giving Black Folks Green Light To Loot White People's Homes @dorli

  • Survey Finds 97% Of Americans Don't Know Why Their Bank And Post Office Are Closed On June 19th @strykeengineer

  • Clothing Shops Now Marketing Covid Masks As ‘Vintage Apparel' @mjja

Sometimes, really great headlines don't make it to the top so here are some of my favorites:

  • Miracle: After Feeding Multitude, Mother Takes Up 12 Baskets Of Goldfish Remnants From Minivan Back Seat @webidtheefarewell

  • CNN Cautions Debate Viewers Not To Be Alarmed If Biden's Lips, Eyes And Body Don't Move And His Voice Resembles That Of Barack Obama @leecory

  • Saying His Songs Were "Too Fast And Short," Congregation Rejected ASAP And Chose His More Mellow Twin, Asaph @garebare48

  • Democrats Reluctant To Replace Biden As Millions Of Ballots Are Already Filled Out And Ready To Mail @kanesickle

  • Satan's First Attempt At Getting Adam To Sin Was Giving Him A String Trimmer For The Garden @milofarmer

  • WH Explains That Biden Wanders Off Due To His 'Stutter' @palfey

  • Fly Curses Its Compound Eyes After Landing In The Middle Of A Pride Parade @kirgol

  • Local Man Scrolls Ancestry Results In Search Of Job Qualifications @muaddweeb

  • After Series Of Probing Questions, Husband Fears His Wife Might Be James O'Keefe In Disguise @retrops

@BONUS - One randomly selected headline:

  • DNC, MSM And Hollywood Prep End Of Summer Blockbuster Biden Replacement Release @boomerokay

Do you have breaking news to report? Join us! Who knows, your headline might get published or featured on the Babylon Bee homepage, or it could show up here in our re-cap of the top headlines of the week. Thousands more totally true headlines were posted this week on the forum, but sadly, only Bee subscribers can read them. You did get to read a few, though, so if you have a favorite, please let us know in the comments!

Cover photoshop by subscriber @Disidente_Redactico

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