Berkeley develops Jewish-free zones
ยท Sep 30, 2022 ยท

Remember when Berkeley banned white students from off-campus housing?

Seems a bit, um, racist, doesn't it?

But the university is blinded by woke nonsense and can't help but ironically ban certain people in the name of inclusion.

Now, they're coming after the Jews.

I think I've seen this movie before...

Nine different law student groups at the University of California, Berkeley, have adopted bylaws prohibiting pro-Israel speakers at events. Written by Berkeley Law Students for Justice in Palestine (LSJP), the bylaws are meant to ensure "the safety and welfare of Palestinian students on campus," and the group is holding "Palestine 101" training courses.

Kenneth L. Marcus wrote for the Jewish Journal:

If it wasn't so frightening, one might be able to recognize the irony in the sight of campus progressives trying so hard to signal progressive virtue that they fall victim to a deeper moral shame.

The groups adopting these Jewish-free bylaws include: Berkeley Law Muslim Student Association, Middle Eastern and North African Law Students Association, Womxn of Color Collective, Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, Queer Caucus, Community Defense Project, Women of Berkeley Law, and Law Students of African Descent.

Don't they all sound like heaps of fun...

From the Jewish Journal:

Berkeley law students are not the first to exclude Zionists. At the State University of New York at New Paltz, activists drove two sexual assault victims out of a survivor group for being Zionists. At the University of Southern California, they drove Jewish student government vice president Rose Ritch out of office, threatening to "impeach [her] Zionist ass." At Tufts, they tried to oust student judiciary committee member Max Price from the student government judiciary committee because of his support for Israel.

Berkeley isn't fooling anyone when they target "Zionists," we all know they really mean Jews.

Not only is this discriminatory, but this is a direct threat to freedom of speech. Or what's left of free speech on this campus...

Banning certain groups based on what they say is NOT protected as "free speech," but actually letting those groups speak is ACTUAL free speech.

Discriminatory conduct, including anti-Zionist exclusions, is not protected as free speech. While hate speech is often constitutionally protected, such conduct may violate a host of civil rights laws, such as Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It is not always the case that student groups have the right to exclude members in ways that reflect hate and bigotry. In Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of another Bay Area University of California law school, Hastings College of the Law, to require student groups to accept all students regardless of status or beliefs. Specifically, the Court blessed Hastings' decision to require Christian groups to accept gay members.

This is a very slippery slope, people!

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