Beto Told Reporters In February That He Wasn't Interested In A Gun Ban When He Thought That Would Win Him More Votes
Β· May 27, 2022 Β·

Earlier this week, Robert Francis O'Rourke (Beto) made headlines for himself by crashing a press conference and grandstanding on the graves of little children in an utterly shameful and embarrassing selfish display.

The "sick SOB" couldn't help but use this tragedy to rant about gun control and promote himself and attack his political opponents.

But when it comes to Beto it's important to remember that he's nothing more than a lying, sniveling, political opportunist.

Here's the same man who "confronted" Republicans for their pro-2nd Amendment policies back in February saying that he doesn't actually want to take away guns.

You know, because he wants to get elected in Texas.

I'm not interested in taking anything from anyone. What I wanna make sure that we do is defend the second amendment.

I wanna make sure we protect our fellow Texans far better than we do right now.

Huh, would you look at that?

When there's not a fresh grave for O'Rourke to campaign from he's totally against gun grabs.

But as soon as there's a tragedy to exploit, he rushes to the scene to promote his "Hell yes, we're taking your AR-15" agenda.

Beto, now and forever, is a piece of trash.

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