Beverly Hills has just one single gun store and all the city's rich residents are swamping it trying to buy guns as crime skyrockets

Jan 2nd

California officials seem to pride themselves on their ability to run gun dealers out of the state as fast as possible, but as we see, that kind of mad public policy can backfire:

In Beverly Hills, even the purchase of a firearm comes with certain…expectations. The city's only gun store, Beverly Hills Guns, is a "concierge service" by appointment only, for a largely affluent clientele. And business is booming.

Since opening in July 2020, the store has seen upscale residents from Santa Monica to the Hollywood Hills increasingly in a panic following several high-profile smash-and-grab and violent home invasion robberies. The apparent siege has brought in a daily stream of anxious business owners and prominent actors, real estate moguls and film execs, says owner Russell Stuart. Most are arming themselves for the first time.

"This morning I sold six shotguns in about an hour to people that say, ‘I want a home defense shotgun,'" says Stuart, whose store is discreetly located in a Beverly Hills office building, with no sign on the doors, down the hall from a diamond dealer. "Everyone has a general sense of constant fear, which is very sad. We're used to this being like Mayberry."

"We're used to this being like Mayberry." Yeah, well, that's kinda the point: When everything's like Mayberry, you don't have any need for guns. It's when everything starts going to pot that you realize maybe having more than a single gun store within the city limits might be kinda useful.

Also, as you'll doubtlessly note from the picture above and from the article itself, the gun store is "discreetly located in a Beverly Hills office building, with no sign on the doors." Consider that this very rich California community is so hostile to one of the core American constitutional rights that a gun store has to basically operate like a Black Ops division if it wants to do business in the city.

Maybe it's about time that state started reconsidering its approach to gun culture.


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