These are the actual qualifications Biden's admin listed for OMB nominee Neera Tanden: Woman, Asian, was once on welfare.

Feb 22nd

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is responsible for preparing the President's federal budget proposal for Congress.

Here is Biden SpokesCisWhiteWoman Jen Psaki extolling Neera Tanden's many qualifications to be OMB director none of which have anything to do with being OMB director.

Neera Tanden=accomplished policy expert,...

After receiving her law degree from Yale, Tanden spent most of her career being a Clinton loyalist, from Bill Clinton's presidency, to Hillary Clinton's time in the Senate, and the various campaigns along the way. When that gravy train ran off the rails with Clinton's defeat in 2008, she quickly jumped ship joining the Obama campaign and later administration, and eventually joined a liberal Washington think tank.

So maybe more of an "accomplished survival expert" in the Washington swamp.

...would be 1st Asian American...

The duties of the OMB mostly involve producing the president's budget, so I guess Psaki is saying Asians are good at math?

Seems kind of racist to me.

...woman to lead OMB,...

It's very important that she's a woman and not a man. It's also very important that you not treat "someone (an applicant or employee) unfavorably because of that person's sex."

Try to keep it straight, hater.

...has lived experience having benefitted from a number of federal programs as a kid.

Tanden's mother was on welfare for less than two years when her husband left her.

Tanden was five years old at the time.

Hopefully she can bring that lived experience into the White House, maybe doing some finger painting and making mud pies.

Her nomination has had a tough time of it.

On November 30, 2020, President-elect Joe Biden announced that Tanden would be his nominee for Director of the Office of Management and Budget.[40] Immediately following the announcement, Tanden deleted over 1,000 of her previous tweets, and changed her Twitter bio from "progressive" to "liberal".

That's what you want from an accomplished policy expert on her way to leading the effort to prepare the federal budget: A willingness to bury inconvenient facts in the pursuit of self-interest.

During the confirmation hearing, Tanden apologized for several of her tweets attacking Republican senators, including tweets calling Susan Collins "the worst", comparing Ted Cruz to vampires and Lord Voldemort, and using the nickname "Moscow Mitch" for Mitch McConnell. Senator John Cornyn described Tanden as "radioactive" in contrast to other Biden nominees he felt were more acceptable,[44] while Senator John Kennedy stated that she "called Senator Sanders everything but an ignorant slut". NPR described her as "Biden's most controversial Cabinet pick".

So the White House is trying to bring renewed focus to her qualifications.

I'm sorry, did I say "qualifications?" I meant, they're mostly promoting her intersectionalities.

The confirmation team has also been speaking with outside interest groups, including Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) organizations, the business community, women business leaders, and labor unions, to drum up support for her nomination, the source said.

As Joe Biden might say, unlike the African-American community, the Asian community is incredibly diverse. Tanden is Indian-American (her parents were both from India), which is nothing like being Chinese, which is nothing like Japanese, which is also nothing like Korean, Cambodian, Vietnamese, being a Pacific Islander or any other person who ticks the Democrats' Asian diversity box.

And women all think alike, right?

Despite her obvious merit to be OMB director, being Asian, a woman, having been on the dole, she's still in trouble.

I wonder if Tanden has given any thought to her gender identification...


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