Biden Just Committed The United States To WW3 In Taiwan And Then The White House Said He "Misspoke" ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
ยท ยท May 23, 2022 ยท

President Biden made headlines today when he promised that the United States would "militarily intervene" if China were to invade Taiwan.

Watch the video here for the full, unfiltered answer.

And here's the reaction from Biden's team at the White House:

Biden was asked very clearly if the United States would involve US military in Taiwan UNLIKE our commitment in Ukraine.

And Biden answers unequivocally "yes."

Yes. That's the commitment we made.

However, the correct answer according to the White House is actually: "No. That is NOT the commitment we made."

So, now, when the White House says Biden "misspoke" what they actually mean is that he's clueless.

White House officials later said that Biden simply meant the US would provide military equipment to Taiwan, not send troops to defend the island if China attacks, which would constitute a landmark shift in policy.

The question was unmistakably clear, as was Biden's answer.

And the White House wants you to think he meant the exact opposite of what he said.

He did not "misspeak." He just doesn't know what's going on. He's completely incompetent to hold his office.

And, of course, this isn't the first time.

Since taking office, Biden has repeatedly used language about Taiwan that appeared to alter policy in place since around the time the US switched diplomatic recognition to Beijing. Last year, Biden or his aides needed to clarify his remarks on Taiwan on at least four separate occasions, including his description of the island as "independent" -- China's oft-stated red line for an invasion.

His comments on Monday were particularly striking because they came at a high-profile event on his first trip to Asia. The US policy of "strategic ambiguity" on Taiwan, which Biden has backed repeatedly during his time in Washington, is intended to minimize the risk of a direct conflict with China, which claims the separately governed island as part of its territory despite never controlling it.

Biden has completely lost it. How did the White House let him get off the teleprompter at an important international event like this?

Biden's remarks angered Beijing, which has warned the US repeatedly over its increased support for Taiwan. Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin on Monday said China deplored Biden's comments and said the US should refrain from sending the wrong message "to avoid causing grave damage to bilateral relations."

"On issues bearing on China's core interests, including its sovereignty and territorial integrity, there is no room for compromise or concession," Wang said.

If the United States were to change its Taiwan policy to ensure strong deterrence, I think that would be a good thing.

However, committing American troops to defend Taiwan on a whim is beyond crazy.

The White House continues to have to do mop-up duty after Biden continually makes a mess of things!

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