Watch Biden-diversity-hire Buttigieg laugh about all his failures as transportation secretary
· Feb 13, 2023 ·

Maybe hiring a man who oversaw roads so bad under his mayorship that Domino's Pizza had to fix them, and whose only qualification for office is his sexuality, wasn't the best idea that the Biden administration has come up with.

They must have thought he couldn't do any damage as transportation secretary and he would just be a check on "gay" on the diversity hire sheet.

In this truly amazing clip, Pete Buttigieg, for some unknown reason, decides to list many of his personal failures as transportation secretary and laugh about it.

In a list of diversity hires that includes Kamala Harris and Ketanji Brown Jackson, somehow Mayor Pete is no doubt the worst.

We've faced issues from container shipping to airline cancellations. Now we got balloons.

Oh, you know, all these small challenges that are totally Pete's fault. He wants to blame things on the pandemic, even though that didn't cause any problems before Pete's arrivial.

Oh, and by the way, Ohio is currently being clouded with toxic chemicals because authorities decided to burn a railroad car with waste that derailed on all that transportation infrastructure we were supposed to fix.

No, Mayor Pete is worried about the really important things.

You know, like there being too many white construction workers.

Mayor Pete may be the least competent member of any administration ever.

But, hey, he's gay. So I guess he's still qualified.

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